The Sylvan Heights Avian Husbandry & Management Program is designed for zoo and wildlife management professionals (or equivalent experience) who desire to increase their knowledge and proficiency in aviculture. The program is conducted at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Center in Scotland Neck, North Carolina, and was designed by the Center's Director, Mike Lubbock, incorporating his innovative and highly successful techniques in avian breeding and care.

The program is primarily for individuals who are already experienced in working with captive wildlife in general or birds specifically. It is designed to provide a broad range of instruction in waterfowl aviculture, as well as specific techniques that may or may not be used at other institutions, such as zoos.

Although Anseriformes are a specialty, other birds such as cranes, parrots, and pheasants also reside at the Center and may be included in the curriculum when requested in advance by the applicant or institution.

Avian Husbandry Program sessions typically take place between April and August when waterfowl breeding is at the highest level. Most sessions are two weeks long, although we do offer a condensed one-week session for individuals who aren't able to attend for two weeks. Space in each session is limited.