College & Continuing Education

Programs for College & Continuing Education

College-level concepts in ornithology and educational guided tours.

Program fees do not include park admission.

The Introduction to Ornithology program will provide insight into how life history & physiological traits distinguish birds from other animals & birds within species. Discover how structural and behavioral adaptations allow birds to be uniquely adapted to take advantage of habitats across the globe. Explore the history of Sylvan Heights and learn about conservation and research projects conducted at the park and around the world.

This program includes live animals.

Program Duration: 45 minutes

Program Fee: $75.00


On an educational guided tour of the park, your group will learn about the history of Sylvan Heights and get an in depth view of the unique adaptations, biology, and behaviors of birds. Educational guided tours can be focused to fit your group’s learning objectives and interests. Educational guided tours are recommended for groups of 30 or less.

Tour Duration: approx 1.5 hours

Program Fee: $90

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