Learn about the wildlife in your own backyard, from birds to turtles to insects and more!  Each lesson includes a fun activity you can do at home.


Eggstraordinary Science: Make an Egg Geode!


Ready for some Eggstraordinary Science? This egg geode craft will take your Easter eggs to the next level! Learn how to make them at home with simple items from the grocery store.



Backyard Science: Feathers


What makes a bird a bird? Learn all about the functions of feathers, flight, and more in this episode of our Backyard Science series! This lesson includes a hands-on science experiment about oil spills using household materials.



Backyard Science: Dandelions


Take a closer look at a familiar flower in today’s episode of Backyard Science! Learn about the life of dandelions, from seed to sprout to flower, and create a dandelion painting using household materials.



Backyard Science: Soils


Most people don't spend much time thinking about soils, but there's actually a whole world under your feet! Learn about the components and properties of soil, how to find out what the soil in your backyard is made of, and create a tasty "snacktivity"!



Backyard Science: Native Plants


In this special Earth Day edition of Backyard Science, learn about the benefits of native plants and how to make “seed bombs” for your garden. This activity was originally part of our North Carolina Science Festival 2020 Earth Day Celebration, but we’re bringing the celebration to your home instead!



Backyard Science: Pill Bugs


In this episode of our Backyard Science series, learn all about pill bugs - also known as roly polies, or doodle bugs! Discover where to find these creatures in your backyard, how they're different from other "bugs", and study their behavior with three simple experiments.



Backyard Science: Backyard Birds


In this episode of our Backyard Science series, Education Assistant Julie talks about the birds that live right outside your door. Learn about migration, how to attract a variety of birds to your yard using the right food, and make your own pine cone bird feeder from materials you have at home!



Backyard Science: Turtles


 In this episode, meet three species of North Carolina's native turtles and learn how to compare and contrast their characteristics.


Stay tuned for more episodes of Backyard Science!