Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Sylvan Heights Bird Park seeks to advance conservation of waterfowl and wetlands, to act as a local educational resource for avian biology and wetlands ecology, and to serve as an international center for avicultural training and research.


To provide public education about the waterfowl of the world and the important role the many and varied species play in the ecosystem.
To engage the public in waterfowl conservation and the preservation of habitat.
To provide a world class destination for school and other groups with a special emphasis on reaching out to underserved populations and high risk children.
To develop science curriculum-based programs for school children in an effort to expand their educational experiences and make them aware of career opportunities.
To interpret and build on the strong traditions and history related to waterfowl in North Carolina.
To encourage waterfowl research, provide facilities to carry out captive research, and provide a research library to support these activities.
To place special emphasis on the captive propagation of rare and endangered waterfowl.
To engage in joint ventures with other like minded organizations or individuals to further the collective knowledge and conservation of waterfowl.

“The future of conservation rests in the hands of the young people we teach.”


If you like what we do at Sylvan Heights Bird Park, please consider making a donation. Your support helps us continue our mission to educate the next generation about the importance of conserving waterfowl and wetlands, as well as our conservation programs that help preserve some of the world’s rarest birds.