Baer's Pochard

Aythya baeri


Geographic range:

Eastern Asia


Critically Endangered


Hunting and habitat loss

Wild status:

Unknown, likely fewer than 1,000 birds.

Captive conservation efforts:

In 2004, the International Wild Waterfowl Association became aware of the perilous situation the Baer’s Pochard was facing. Not only were wild numbers decreasing, but very few existed in captivity within United States and European avicultural collections. The IWWA imported three pairs of Baer’s Pochard from Europe to Sylvan Heights Waterfowl in 2007, and additional pairs were imported by Louisiana’s Pinola Preserve in 2010. From these imported pairs, there are now 93 Baer’s Pochard in United States avicultural facilities (December 2013). Sylvan Heights and the IWWA will continue to focus on providing a safe haven for Baer’s Pochard should the unthinkable happen in the wild.